Visualising the impact of climate change

About the 3D climate change model

As part of Bodeker Scientific's Curious Minds project, we produced an interactive educational 3D model showing the impacts of climate change in the Queenstown Lakes District.

Students and members of the public can choose which climate data they wish to see, and colour maps are projected onto the model. The viewer can see what the climate will look like for the entire district from 1975 to 2100, under their selected greenhouse gas scenarios. 

The climate variables that can be chosen:

To see the model in action, and how students got involved, check out this media article  here.

Using the model for your educational event

We are pleased to offer, by arrangement, the use of the 3D model as an 'asset of the community' for educational use anywhere in New Zealand. 

Please contact Bodeker Scientific at the following email address to arrange access to the 3D model :