Climate change analysis

Bodeker Scientific can provide analysis of both historical and projected changes in the climate, including assessment of changes in essential climate variables (ECVs), such as:

  1. Temperature

  2. Wind

  3. Relative humidity

  4. Precipitation (rainfall and snowfall)

  5. Snowpack

  6. Solar radiation

Services for Councils

Past reports we have produced for district and regional councils include:

  • Assessment of historical changes in the ECVs for the region to the extent that measurement time series are available. This includes an examination of historical changes in selected extreme weather events in the District/Region.

  • Projections of changes in the selected ECVs under four representative concentration pathway (RCP) emissions scenarios (i.e. RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5) to 2100.

  • Advanced simulation approaches such as use of the EPIC method to estimate uncertainties on the range of projections of changes in the ECVs under any single RCP scenario.

  • Inform long-term planning by assessing implications of climate change for the consideration of the Council (water, storm-water, sewerage, local roading, and emergency response activities) and potential changes in snowpack and implications for industries including recreation, tourism and energy.

Past Reports for Councils

More climate change analysis reports are available on our Public Reports page here.