We provide analysis of both historical and projected changes in the climate. Bodeker Scientific has produced key reports for regional and district councils in New Zealand to inform potential impacts and inform long-term planning.

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Bodeker Scientific can perform urban wind flow modelling, visualisation and analysis.

Using the PALM model, we can:

  • Investigate the impact that a building has on the nearby urbanscape.

  • Examine the nearby urban wind flow with and without any given building in New Zealand.

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Bodeker Scientific completed a project as part of the Otago Participatory Science Platform, funded by Curious Minds, that explored the question “Does visualising regional climate change information on a 3D-model onto which data are projected, enhance people’s perception of what climate change might mean for them?”.

We are pleased to offer, by arrangement, the use of the 3D model as an 'asset of the community' for educational use anywhere in New Zealand.

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