How we work

Why we do what we do

Bodeker Scientific's purpose is to conduct and support ambitious and excellent research that ensures a productive, sustainable and inclusive future for New Zealand.

What does this mean in practice?

  • We are not profit-driven. Sometimes we participate in, or even lead the development of, projects that generate little income for the company.

  • The company never pays dividends to shareholders; this is written into the company Constitution. Any profits made are reinvested in research.

  • We support other organisations that share our foundation principles, e.g. by assisting with their development of funding proposals (which can sometimes compete with our own).

  • We look for ways to connect to and support organisations that are conducting excellent research even if Bodeker Scientific is ultimately not involved.

  • We are generous with our time, giving public talks, visiting schools, etc.

  • We support emerging talent e.g. by sponsoring university students and engaging with high school students who have an interest in research.

While these activities make little sense in a strictly 'growing the business' way of thinking, that's OK because, while we work hard to remain viable as a business, our primary goal is not to generate profits for shareholders but to conduct and support ambitious and excellent research that benefits New Zealand.

How we do it

Bodeker Scientific:

  • Is a scientist-owned research company

  • Demonstrates nationally and internationally recognised research excellence

  • Adapts rapidly to changes in the research environment

  • Remains agile to new opportunities and encourages innovation - Bodeker Scientific contracts Kentron Ltd to provide an innovation sandpit to incubate novel ideas which are outside of Bodeker Scientific's core business.

  • Values its clients and staff

  • Is socially and environmentally active both globally and locally

We operate as a principles-based research organisation that builds on a culture of inclusivity in decision making, individual responsibility, collaboration and collective management of resources, to maximise the value derived from investment in research that makes a positive difference in the world.