Dr Jordis Tradowsky


I am Jordis, an atmospheric scientist who was working for Bodeker Scientific in Alexandra, Aotearoa New Zealand, from 2014 to 2023. In  2023 I moved into a new role as the international advisor for MET Norway and relocated to Oslo. 

In 2023, my latest research investigates how severity and likelihood of extreme weather events in Aotearoa are impacted by human-made climate change. I have a leading-role in the 'Extreme Weather Event Real-time Attribution Machine' (EWERAM) project which is developing a system that will enable us to inform the public about how climate change affected the extreme events that have a strong impact on Aotearoa. 

Prior to this current role, I have been specialised on performing, quality checking and using ground-based reference quality measurements of the atmospheric state, e.g. radiosondes, ozonesondes, frost point hygrometer as well as other in situ measurements of the atmosphere. I organised and participated in a variety of field campaigns on different continents.  Furthermore, I used radio occultation measurements in the development of a method to correct radiosonde temperature biases prior to assimilation into the UK Met Office  numerical weather forecast system. 

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