Greg's Supervision of PhD Students

Greg has supervised the following PhD students:

  • Renske Timmermans: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2003-2005. Informal co-supervision and external examiner on her PhD. Thesis topic: Space-based measurements of stratospheric dynamical processes.

  • Caradee Wright: Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, 2004-2006. Formal co-supervisor together with Dr Tony Reeder. Thesis topic: Factors affecting excess UV radiation exposure in New Zealand school children.

  • Petra Huck: Physics Department, University of Canterbury, 2004-2007. Formal co-supervisor together with Dr Adrian McDonald. Thesis topic: Development of a medium term predictor of the severity of Antarctic ozone depletion.

  • Kate Monahan: Physics Department, University of Canterbury, 2005-2008. Formal co-supervisor together with Adrian McDonald. Thesis topic: Observations of stratosphere-troposphere exchange in the southern hemisphere.

  • Birgit Hassler: Department of Physics, University of Munich, 2006-2009. Formal co-supervisor together with Martin Dameris. Thesis topic: Using the longitudinal and altitudinal structure in ozone changes to differentiate between chemical and dynamical forcings of those changes - comparison of measurements and model.

  • Hella Garny: German Aerospace Center, Munich, Germany, 2007-2010. Formal co-supervision together with Prof Martin Dameris. Thesis topic: Validation of stratospheric mixing processes in chemistry-climate models.

  • Stefanie Kremser: Institute for Meteorology, Free University of Berlin, 2008-2011. Formal co-supervision together with Prof Ulrike Langematz. Thesis topic: Projections of future changes in the Antarctic ozone hole based on improved understanding of polar stratospheric chlorine chemistry.

  • Laura Revell: University of Canterbury Chemistry Department, 2009-2012. Co-supervision together Dr Petra Huck (NIWA) and Prof Bryce Williamson (UoC). Thesis topic: Diagnosing the interplay between chemistry and dynamics in coupled chemistry-climate models.

  • Helena Södergren: University of Canterbury Physics Department, 2014-2018. Co-supervision together Dr Adrian McDonald (UoC). Thesis topic: Using simple models to improve understanding of the interactions between components of the climate system.

  • Jordis Tradowsky: Free University of Berlin, 2015-2018. Thesis topic: Improving the utility of ground-based measurements for space-based sensor calibration and validation.

  • Chris Cameron: Victoria University of Wellington, 2015-2019. Thesis topic: The permeability of the Antarctic vortex.