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Dais Seto

Position: Post-Doc Researcher

• Work on measurement-related aspects of MAPM
• Conduct a range of observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs), under the guidance of the MAPM modelling team, to develop a theoretical understanding of what combinations of instruments/ measurements will optimise the derived emissions maps

Academic Background: 
2019 PhD in Environmental Science, University of Canterbury, NZ
2012  MS in Meteorology, San José State University, USA  
2009  BS in Meteorology, San José State University, USA  

Numerical Model Experience: ARPS, WRF, TAPM, WindNinja

    • 2019 Student Travel Grant, Meteorological Society of New Zealand
    • 2017 Student conference travel support package, AUS Meteorol. and Ocean. Soc./MSNZ
    • 2017 Student Travel Grant, Meteorological Society of New Zealand
    • 2015 Best Student Presentation Award, Meteorological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference
    • 2014 University of Canterbury Doctoral Scholarship
    • 2009 Best Young Scientist Presentation Award, AMS Symposium on Fire and Forest  Meteorology
    • 2009 Walker Scholarship, San José State University 

 • Katurji, M., J. Zhang, H. McNair, B. Schumacher, A. Satinsky, T. Strand , G. Pearce, D. Seto, M. Finney, T. Grumstrup, J. Forthofer, S. McAllister, P. Zawar-Reza, C. Dunker, C. Clements, J. Kerr, K. Melnik, 2020: Wildfire flaming zone and atmospheric turbulent interactions. In preparation for PNAS.
 • Clements, C. B., A. Kochanski, D. Seto, B. Davis, C. Camacho, W. Heilman, S. Krueger, B. Butler, J. Restaino, R. Ottmar, R. Vihnanek, J. Flynn, J.-B. Filippi, T. Barboni, J. Mandel, M. A. Jenkins, J. O’Brien, and B. Hornsby, 2019: The FireFlux II Experiment: A model-guided field experiment to improve understanding of fire-atmosphere interactions and fire spread. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 28(4), 308-326. 
 • Clements, C. B., N. Lareau, D. Seto, J. Contezac, B. Davis, C. Teske, T. Zajkowski, A. Hudak, B. Bright, M. Dickinson, B. Butler, D. Jimenez, J. K. Hiers, 2015: Fire weather conditions and fire-atmosphere interactions observed during low-intensity prescribed fire―RxCADRE. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 25, 90-101.
 • Heilman, W. E., C. B. Clements, D. Seto, X. Bian, K. L. Clark, N. S. Skowronski, J. L. Hom, 2015: Observations of fire-induced turbulence regimes during low-intensity wildland fires in forested environments: Implications for smoke dispersion. Atmospheric Science Letter, 16(4), 453-460.
 • Clements, C. B. and D. Seto, 2015: Observations of fire-atmosphere interactions and near-surface heat transport on a slope. Boundary Layer Meteorology. 154(3), 409-426.
 • Seto, D., T. Strand, C. B. Clements, H. Thistle, and R. Mickler, 2014: Wind and plume thermodynamic structures during low-intensity subcanopy fires. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 119, 53-61.
 • Seto, D., C. B. Clements and W. E. Heilman, 2013: Turbulence spectra measured during fire front passage. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 169, 195-210
 • Seto, D. and C. B. Clements, 2011: Fire whirl evolution observed during a valley wind-sea breeze reversal. Journal of Combustion  Special Issue: Forest Fire Research.doi:10.1155/2011/569475

Research Interest
Atmospheric boundary layer modeling, wildfire-atmospheric interaction, mesoscale atmospheric modeling, extreme weather, synoptic meteorology and climatology, air pollution, weather forecasting, natural hazards, ocean wave climatology.