2013 Conference Presentations

21-22 May 2013 NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Annual Conference Boulder, USA Talk G.E. Bodeker, Holger Voemel, and Peter Thorne An Update on the Status of the GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN)  
11-13 February 2013  Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic SocietyMelbourne, Australia  PosterK. Kreher, G. Bodeker, and E. Scarlet Price and Preference: Developing network design criteria for a stratosphere-troposphere climate monitoring network  
11-13 February 2013 Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic SocietyMelbourne, Australia Talk G.E. Bodeker Measurement programme design for the detection of trends in stratospheric temperatures and water vapour  
 4 October 2012Antarctica New Zealand Annual Science Conference 2012  Christchurch, NZTalk G.E. Bodeker The GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN): creating an Arctic/Antarctic mirror  here