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 Date  Conference Where  Type of  presentation
Authors       Title    Link
 24 - 26 July 2017 The International Environmetrics Society (TIES), joint with GRASPA 2017 on Climate and EnvironmentUniversity of Bergamo, Italy  Presentation Hassler, B. and Bodeker, G.E.Quantifying uncertainties in the monthly mean zonal mean, and in vertical profiles, of sparsely sampled atmospheric variables Here 
 12 - 16 June 2017 ICM-9 - 9th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting Helsinki, Finland TalkTradowsky, J.S. An update fro the International Radio Occultation Working Group Meeting 2016 Here 
 12 - 16 June 2017 ICM-9 - 9th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination MeetingHelsinki, Finland  Talk Tradowsky, J.S.; Burrows, C.; Healy, S. and Eyre, J. Comparison of GRUAN profiles with radio occultation bending angles propagated into temperature space Here
 12 - 16 June 2017 ICM-9 - 9th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination MeetingHelsinki, Finland  PosterTradowsky, J.S.; Bodeker, G.E.; Querel, R.R.; Builtjes, P.J.H. and Fischer, J. A site atmospheric state best estimate of temperature for Lauder, New Zealand Here 
 24 April 2017 European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017Vienna, Austria Talk  Cameron, C.; Bodeker, G.; Conway, J. and Stuart, S.Representation of the Antarctic Circumpolar mixing barrier in a Global Climate Motel Here 
 14 - 17 March 2017Professor David Griggs Speaking Tour of NZWellington (14 Mar), Dunedin (15 Mar), Christchurch (16 Mar), Cromwell (17 Mar)  Presentation Professor David GriggsThe relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to business in New Zealand Here
15 February 2017  International Symposium on the Cryosphere in a Changing ClimateWellington, NZ Talk Conway, J.; Helgason, W.; Pomeroy, J. and Sicart, J.E.Icefield breezes over Athabasca Glacier Columbia Icefield  Here
15 December 2016     American Geophysical Union Fall MeetingSan Francisco  TalkBodeker, G.E. with thoughts and ideas from Thorne, P.; Braathen, G.; De Maziere, M.; Thompson, A. and Kurylo, M.A strategic outlook for coordination of ground-based measurement networks of atmospheric state variables and atmospheric composition Here 
30 November 2016 56th New Zealand Hydological (NZHS) Society Conference and 37th Engineers Australia Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS)Queenstown Talk Cameron, C.; Lewis, J.; Bodeker, G.; Jobst, A.; Kingston, D. and Cullen, N.  Uncertainty in future rainfall and river flow in New Zealand Here

4-9 September 2016 
Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016

Edinburgh, UK


Revell, L.E.; Tummon, F.; Salawitch, R.; Stenke, A. and Peter, T.

The Changing ozone depletion of N20 in a future climate


September 2016 

OPAC-6 and IROWG-5

Graz, Austria 


Tradowsky, J.; Bodeker, G.; Thorne, P. and Dirksen, R.

 The GCOS Reference U
pper-Air Network (GRUAN) and its relevance to the Radio Occultation Community


25 April 2016 

ICM-8 - 
 8th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting.

 Boulder, USA


Tradowsky, J.; Bodeker, G.; Querel, R.; Builtjes, P. and Fischer, J.
   A site Atmospheric State Best Estimate for the temperature above Lauder, New Zealand 

25 April 2016

ICM-8 - 
8th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting.
Boulder, USA 

Tradowsky, J.; Burrows, C.; Healy, S. and Eyre, J.

A new method  to correct radiosonde temperature biases using radio occultation data


 25 - 28 April 2016

 2nd SSiRC workshop

 Potsdam, Germany


remser, S. and Thomason, L.

Stratospheric aerosol: Observations, Processes and impact on Climate


18 - 22 April 2016


Vienna, Austria


         Kremser, S.; Jones, N.; Smale, D.; Palm, M.; Lejeune, B.; Wang, Y. and Deutscher, N

 Positive trends in Southern Hemisphere observations of carbonyl sulfide


2-4 March 2016 

 GCOS Science Conference

Amsterdam, Netherlands    


Lewis, J.
Data and meta-data exploration and data quality reporting for GCOS  

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