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Bodeker Scientific exists to conduct and support excellent research that benefits New Zealand. 

What does this mean in practice? It means that:
  • Sometimes we participate in, or even lead the development of, funding proposals that would generate little income for the company, 
  • The company never pays dividends to shareholders; any profits made are reinvested in research. 
  • Sometimes we will take on projects that generate no income for the company.
  • We are generous with our time, giving public talks, talks at schools etc.
  • We support emerging talent e.g. by sponsoring university students and engaging with high school students who have an interest in research.
While these activities make little sense in a strictly 'growing the business' way of thinking, that's OK because, while we do what we can to stay in business, our primary goal is not to generate income for Bodeker Scientific, it is to conduct and support excellent research that benefits New Zealand.