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Company Vision & Mission


Bodeker Scientific is a scientist-owned research company that demonstrates nationally and internationally recognised research excellence, adapts rapidly to changes in the research environment, remains agile to new opportunities, values its clients and staff, and is socially and environmentally active both globally and locally.


Bodeker Scientific operates as a principles-based research organisation that builds on a culture of inclusivity in decision making, individual responsibility, collaboration and collective management of resources, to maximise the value derived from investment in research that makes a positive difference in the world.


  1. Pursue excellence: We are committed to demonstrating excellence at every level of Bodeker Scientific’s operations and, in particular, in our interactions with clients. Meeting the needs of our clients will be founded on operational excellence achieved through an ongoing process of recognising, evaluating and adopting best practices. All outputs from Bodeker Scientific shall be assessed against the highest standards of excellence. We shall never be satisfied with the status quo and shall continually look for better ways of doing things.
  2. Operate professionally: Bodeker Scientific is a professional company that focuses on delivering a high quality service to its clients, on time and on budget. The service and responses to our clients shall depend in no way on our egos, how we feel, our operational shortcomings, or what may have gone wrong. We value our clients.
  3. Collaborate synergistically: Staff at Bodeker Scientific are recognised for the specific skills they bring to the organisation and everyone is employed to contribute value and to achieve excellence in each of Bodeker Scientific’s projects. We will focus on internal collaboration and not competition. In return, the company shall value all staff and support all staff accordingly. Management structures within Bodeker Scientific will support distributed decision-making, autonomy, and individual responsibility, i.e. a flat management structure that minimizes overheads.
  4. Enable Growth: Innovation is at the heart of Bodeker Scientific’s success. We foster innovation by creating an environment where new and unique ideas can be confidently explored. In interacting with our clients we ask first ‘what can Bodeker Scientific do for you?’ and then build innovative solutions around that answer.
  5. Maintain Integrity: The company’s activities, including decision making, will be undertaken in such a way as to minimise its impact on the environment. Maintaining our integrity as a company, by adhering to these core principles, shall supercede all other considerations, including financial considerations. Maintaining our integrity shall be the basis for assuring the reputation of Bodeker Scientific. Our reputation shall always be recognised as the primary currency supporting our future success.