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Workload prioritization

Bodeker Scientific is a company. The people employed in the company work under contract. This is what pays the salaries of the employees. If you have requested Greg Bodeker to do something for you that requires more than 2 minutes of his time, you should be aware of the following prioritization of workload (in order of decreasing priority):
  1. Work under contract that is paid for (this is what allows salaries to be paid).
  2. Spending time playing with kids.
  3. Spending time doing farm work.
  4. Spending time watching TV.
  5. Doing unpaid work for other people.
Items 2 to 5 on this list earn no income. If you have asked Greg Bodeker to do something for you and he has not done it, it is almost certain that you are in category 5 on this list. You have two choices:
  1. Contract Bodeker Scientific (contact Greg Bodeker at greg@bodekerscientific.com) to do what you need to have done.
  2. Wait patiently. Please note that you may have to wait for a very long time.