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Making A Difference for Central Otago Video Competition
Young Adults Communicating Changing Behaviours

Being a young adult means you are at a stage in your life where you are transitioning from a worldwide view imposed on you by family members to a worldwide view that you have shaped yourself and will communicate to your peers as you move out of school and into the big wide world. The goal of this project is to encourage you to think critically about your life choices concerning sustainability and protection of New Zealand's environment.

If you are at Dunstan High School, Cromwell College, Maniototo Area School or Roxburgh Area School, and want to win $3000 for you and $3000 for your school, then this competition is for you! 

What You Need to Do...

Bring together a small team (3-4 members) to create a 5-10 minute video that demonstrates some change in your behaviour that you have made in response to this project and that leads to reducing the impact of climate change, improving sustainability and/or leads to better protection of New Zealand's unique environment.

Step One: Complete the Google Form (see below) to register your intention to submit a video.

Step Two: Design, implement and complete a project that leads to a change in behaviour in your team, or in others, and that promotes sustainability and/or protection of New Zealand’s environment. ​

Step Three: Document your project and its outcomes in a video format, and save your video to a USB Drive.

Step Four: Download and complete the video submission form

Step Five: Get your video, and completed form, to REAP by 5 July 2017.

NB: If you would like us to provide you with a USB Drive for your video, please contact Clair Higginson on or Anna Robinson on

  • You must focus on new behaviours supporting wise resource use rather than on making judgement on existing behaviours. This would include realistic actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote change that extends beyond your team’s immediate lives (e.g. that might have national or global relevance), alternatives which demonstrate balancing quality and endurance against quantity in all aspects of life.
  • You need to explain the science behind your project. For example: why/how does your change in behaviour reduce the impact of climate change, improve sustainability and/or lead to better protection of New Zealand?

If you feel like you need help, we have people available to assist you with any aspect of your project: telling your story, using equipment, best ways to get good results on the big screen.  
Give Clair a call or email to make a time for one of our people to visit.

Important Dates:

 Videos need to be submitted by 5th July 2017. Videos will then be judged and the top 10 will be displayed at cinemas in Central Otago.  The winner will be announced on the occasion of the showing of the videos.

Any queries please contact

MAD4CO video competition

Clair Higginson

p 03 4486115 or m 0211022182

Central Otago REAP

Alexandra Community House

14 – 20 Centennial Avenue


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