Visiting Scientist at the Met Office in Exeter, UK

posted 5 Jan 2016, 19:27 by Bodeker Scientific
Jordis Tradowsky spent two months as a Visiting Scientist in the 'Satellite Applications' working group of the Met Office in Exeter, UK. During her visit she worked on the characterisation of radiosonde temperature biases and errors using radio occultation measurements. The final report can be found here.

The idea for the project was developed by John Eyre and it was funded by the Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facility (ROM SAF). Jordis worked in close cooperation with Chris Burrows (Met Office) and Sean Healy (ECMWF).

The research project will serve three main user groups, (i) a bias correction for the radiosonde temperatures is produced which serves the radiosonde community, (ii) the method is explained in detail to serve the data assimilation community who can implement the results operationally, and (iii) a new tangent linear version of the linear Abel transform and the hydrostatic integration is provided to the radio occultation community.

After Jordis finished her Visiting Scientist project in Exeter, she spent some time working at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and visited the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco where she presented the poster “A Site Atmospheric State Best Estimate of Temperature for Lauder, New Zealand”, which can be found here.