Visit from Deputy US Ambassador

posted 4 Jul 2018, 17:22 by Nicky Brookes   [ updated 5 Aug 2018, 16:59 ]
Today we had a visit from Susan Niblock (Deputy Chief of Mission) and Craig Halbmaier (Political/Economic Officer) from the U.S. Embassy to New Zealand.  Sue was interested to learn about the history of Bodeker Scientific and our relationship with organisations around the world.  Whilst they were here, Jordis and Chris gave two short presentations on the projects they are working on with US collaborators.  Jordis' presentation, 'Understanding outgoing long-wave radiation from the the Antarctic atmosphere', gave a brief explanation on her proposed project to help mitigate the current lack of knowledge about Antarctic far-infrared surface emissivities.  A copy of Jordis's presentation is available here.

Chris gave an overview of the international 'Resilience Dialogues' project he is currently involved in.  The Resilience Dialogues is a public-private collaboration that works to build climate-resilient communities through facilitated dialogues among scientists, practitioners, and community leaders. A copy of Chris' short presentation is available here.

Thank you Sue and Craig for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit us!

(From left: Jordis Tradowsky, Chris Cameron, Stefanie Kremser, Craig Halbmaier, Sue Niblock and Greg Bodeker)