Simple Climate Model Tutorial at Victoria University, Wellington

posted 16 Apr 2014, 19:30 by Bodeker Scientific   [ updated 16 Apr 2014, 19:34 ]
Greg and Stefanie visited Victoria University Wellington on April 10th 2014 to present a Simple Climate Model which was developed at Bodeker Scientific.  The Simple Climate Model is written in Python and can be used as a teaching tool. The model tracks the causal path from emissions to changes in concentrations to radiative forcing to sea-level rise. It can be used to do fun things like calculate GWPs. It's all packaged up nicely including all required documentation and background theory. Because python is freely available, students can tinker with the code as they please.  We presented the Simple Climate Model in form of a tutorial, talking the students and staff attending the tutorial through the model with them having their notebook computers open in front of them. We were working through the code in real-time to see how it all works and this was accompanied by a power point presentation explaining the theory behind it. To find out more about the Simple Climate Model, click here.