Carbon Neutral Travel

posted 3 May 2015, 17:24 by Bodeker Scientific   [ updated 3 May 2015, 17:29 ]
Climate scientists face a challenge - their quest is to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system, but in undertaking that quest need to collaborate with colleagues globally, which often requires international travel. As such, they tend to have carbon footprints that are significantly higher than those in societies they are cajoling to reduce their carbon emissions. Bodeker Scientific has therefore made a pledge to ensure that all company related travel is carbon neutral. We do this by purchasing carbon credits through the UBoC Trees of Hope project. 

Bodeker Scientific has recently made a donation to the Trees of Hope project, to offset the company's travel emissions for 2014. The carbon credits that have been retired as a result of this donation can be viewed on the Markit Environmental Registry (MER)

UBoC was also used to provide the option for delegates to the January 2014 SPARC General Assembly, which Bodeker Scientific organised, to offset their travel-related carbon emissions.  Bodeker Scientific encourages other organisations to make use of the professional services provided by UBoC to offset carbon emissions.