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MAD4CO Video Competition videos now available

posted 19 Nov 2017, 17:13 by Nicky Brookes

A couple of months ago, Bodeker Scientific sponsored MAD4CO’s video competition for local schools.  Chris Cameron of Bodeker Scientific also helped in mentoring the students and judging the final videos.  

Year 12/13 students were encouraged to produce a 5-10 minute video that demonstrated their change in behaviour that was made in response to this project and that led to reducing the impact of climate change, improving sustainability and/or led to better protection of NZ’s unique environment.  The goal of the project was to encourage students to think critically about life choices concerning sustainability and protection of NZ’s environment.  There were a number of great entries to this competition and the videos are now available for viewing on YouTube (Camptastrophy, Ink Through the Pages, Now, Sustainability In Central Otago, The Changers, and The Simple Things).  Some of the videos also went on to be entered into the ‘Outlook for Someday’ film competition.

All of the films made were shown at each of the schools in full school assemblies and the films were also publicly shown at a screening held at the Alexandra Community Centre on 3rd August.  The winners were announced at the pubic screening.  The overall winner was the Dunstan High School team with the video 'Sustainability In Central Otago' (Conor Stumbles, Ben Elliot-Miller and Kirk Tamblyn).  Congratulations guys!  And well done to all the other entrants!  

Local media also covered the competition.

Paper Published

posted 8 Nov 2017, 13:43 by Nicky Brookes

A paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics by Laura Revell and Stefanie Kremser, together with colleagues in Switzerland, looks at the impacts of volcanic aerosol on the stratosphere as simulated by a chemistry-climate model, using two recently-compiled stratospheric aerosol data sets.  Click here to view a copy of the abstract.

Climathon 2017, Christchurch

posted 6 Nov 2017, 12:12 by Nicky Brookes

Greg Bodeker and Laura Revell attended the 2017 Climathon in Christchurch from 27 to 28 October. Greg was one of four judges while Laura was one of the invited experts. The purpose of the Climathon was to create teams to come up with ideas that will allow Christchurch to adapt to a changed climate, mitigate carbon emissions and communicate the challenge to others. The teams had 24 hours to develop and then present their ideas to the judges. 
Greg and Laura's attendance at the event was sponsored by the Deep South National Science Challenge. 


posted 5 Nov 2017, 20:14 by Nicky Brookes

Stefanie Kremser attended the 25th SPARC SSG meeting in South Korea to represent the SPARC SSiRC activity together with Larry Thomason . She also joined 45 participants at the Early Career Researchers Symposium and about 100 participants at the adjacent regional WCRP/SPARC workshop on WCRP Grand Challenges and Regional Climate Change. The events were jointly organised by the Seoul National University and the Korean Polar Research Institute. They took place on 18-20 October 2017 at the Korean Polar Research Institute in Incheon, near Seoul, South Korea. Stefanie would like to thank SPARC and WCRP for travel support to attend the meetings and workshop. 
See here for more information on the Early Career Researchers (ECR) Symposium and WCRP/SPARC workshop.

GAW Symposium 2017

posted 26 Apr 2017, 22:00 by Nicky Brookes

Greg Bodeker attended the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) quadrennial  symposium from 10-13 April 2917 on behalf of GRUAN (the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network). The purpose of the meeting was to obtain community input to the latest GAW Implementation Plan. Greg gave a presentation titled "What does 'integrated observations' mean?". Funding for Greg's attendance was provided through the New Zealand Linking Science into International Policy (LSIP) Programme for which we are very grateful. Full details on the GAW symposium, including links to all presentations is available here.

A Successful Speaking Tour of NZ by Professor Griggs

posted 20 Mar 2017, 21:47 by Nicky Brookes

Professor David Griggs has now completed his speaking tour of New Zealand as was previously mentioned in our 'Latest News'.  All who managed to attend one of the four presentations found the information he presented extremely valuable.  A number of attendees enjoyed the presentation so much they requested access to the slides that were shown on the day. Prof Griggs was happy to comply, so if you wish to view the presentation, there is a PDF version of it on our Publications > Conference Contributions page.  Click here to view the page.  

We would like to thank Prof Griggs very much for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come to NZ to present to local business.

Speaking Tour by Professor David Griggs

posted 20 Feb 2017, 21:51 by Nicky Brookes

Bodeker Scientific is bringing Professor David Griggs, former Director of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute in Melbourne, to New Zealand for a speaking tour on the subject "The relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to business in New Zealand".  Prof Griggs will be giving talks in Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch and Cromwell.  Tickets are strictly limited so book now to ensure your place and find out how your business is likely to be affected, how you can help to achieve these Sustainable Development Goals and how they will be of benefit to the world and good for business!

For tickets to the Wellington event on Tuesday 14th March, see here.
For tickets to the Dunedin event on Wednesday 15th March, see here.
For tickets to the Christchurch event on Thursday 16th March, see here.
For tickets to the Cromwell event on Friday 17th March, see here.

Welcome Dr Andrea Stenke!

posted 20 Feb 2017, 21:40 by Nicky Brookes

We welcome Dr Andrea Stenke who is visiting us from Europe for a week. Andrea is on a sabbatical from ETH Zurich and whilst she is here, she is working closely with Dr Laura Revell on modelling the climate of the planet Mars.

Welcome Corinna

posted 31 Jan 2017, 15:06 by Emily Boud   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 15:16 ]

Corinna Kloss, a PhD student at the Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany, is visiting Bodeker Scientific. Corinna is working with her external mentor Stefanie Kremser on her PhD thesis with the title "Development of AMICA for carbonyl sulfide measurement in the stratosphere."
Corinna (and Isabell Krisch) wrote a Blog during the Climate Research Campaigns that they attended.  Here is the link to the blog they wrote:

Jordis Tradowskys Report Published

posted 3 Jan 2017, 18:06 by Emily Boud

Jordis Tradowsky published the report “Radiosonde Temperature Bias Corrections using Radio Occultation Bending Angles as Reference“ as part of her visiting scientist activity within the Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facility (ROM SAF, The report describes the preparation of radiosonde temperature bias correction to be used in a forecast impact study, and discusses the structural uncertainty within a tangent linear radio occultation retrieval which is used in this study. Furthermore the temperature profiles from the reference radiosonde data product of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN) are compared with RO derived dry temperatures in the stratosphere.

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